Our Professional Staff

Karen K. Real, MA, CCCA, FAAA : Audiologist

Karen K. Real, MA, CCCA, FAAA


Karen K. Real, MA, CCCA, FAAA is a licensed clinical audiologist with over thirty years of experience in the hearing aid industry. Karen is board certified in Audiology. Karen's professional focus is to educate patients about their hearing loss, the cause and where in the auditory pathway, their hearing loss occurs. This information provides Karen and the patient ideas and options to enhance communication skills, including hearing aid choices and assistive technology.

“The better educated a patient is, the better they can help themselves resolve their issues.”

As early as 1972, Karen was learning the newest and latest programs, and has stayed on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology and audiology. Karen was the Director of Audiological Services at Albert Einstein Hospital where she taught the residents about the hearing system. She was a founding member of the Otologic and Audiologic Group of Philadelphia. Karen then became the Director of the Balance Laboratory at Frankfurt Hospital. In 1983, Karen started her own company, Audiometrics, dedicated to providing the best comprehensive audiological and hearing aid services in the Greater Philadelphia area.

“Hearing and hearing aids are important for life interactions. There are terrific choices today that we did not have just a few years ago. Our clients have many more choices in technology, hearing aid style and financial.”

In 2000, Karen started the Newborn Hearing Screening Program in the Phoenixville Hospital. She personally has screened thousands of newborns. Karen continues to attend meetings with manufacturers and audiology conferences all over the world, to stay up to date with the latest information from the audiology and hearing aid industries.

When not serving as an audiologist, Karen is a devoted mother, grandmother and wife. Cooking , entertaining, reading, gardening and skiing are Karen’s passions and she will love to share a story or two with you.

Jennifer C. Isayev, AuD, FAAA : Audiologist

Jennifer C. Isayev, AuD, FAAA


A compassionate practitioner, Jennifer C. Isayev, AuD, FAAA is a licensed clinical audiologist with over thirty years of experience and a dedication to staying innovative within the hearing industry. Starting her audiology and hearing aid dispensing career in Savannah, Georgia, she was the managing audiologist at the Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, supporting her patients for 12 years. She has also been an Early Intervention Teacher with Georgia Parent Infant Network System and the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, serving families who have young children with newly identified hearing loss. During her time in Savannah, Jennifer started one of the first newborn hearing screening programs.

Obtaining a Masters of Science in Audiology from Gallaudet University, she became fluent in American Sign Language and still enjoys when she gets the opportunity to use her signing skills. Staying current and always looking to learn, Jennifer received her doctorate in Audiology from ATStill University in Arizona. Come see the photo of the hot air balloon ride she took to celebrate earning her doctorate that hangs in her office. 

"Each client receives the time and patience in our office to go through a complete and comprehensive evaluation. I stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and carefully choose solutions in partnership with my patients. It is an amazing time to pursue better hearing. With so many good choices it can seem overwhelming. I love when a patient tells me that I made the process easy and that their life is now better.”

"Technology is constantly changing and we are always in search of products that will make the lives of people dealing with hearing loss simpler and easier."

With a commitment to helping everyone who needs help hearing, Jennifer has provided hearing aids to low income adults by founding the HALO Fund of Savannah. She currently helps people explore their insurance options to make hearing healthcare affordable.

When Jennifer is not practicing audiology she is having fun with her family, visiting with friends, and getting involved with her community. Jennifer loves to stay active and mindful by practicing yoga, ukulele and being outside. She is a curious adventurer always in search of new experiences and ideas.